About Us


The History of The Garage Arcade Bar

A few years ago, a group of South Bend locals got together to dream up a fun, nostalgic place to drink, play, and be merry.

Months later, one of our founders purchased The Lasalle Body shop, a former auto-body shop located on Colfax in South Bend’s East Bank Village. Renovations on the building began shortly after. Wanting to preserve a sliver of the building’s history, the founders decided to name the place “The Garage.”  Massive, glass garage doors were soon installed, and it was time to get our games.

 Opening Updates

The Garage Arcade Bar Floor Plan

We hoped to open in spring of 2019. Unfortunately, we have to tear up Colfax in order to get lines installed to help us meet fire code. So what have we been doing during our wait?

  • Putting together an all-star team of bar tenders and servers
  • Collecting the best arcade games in excellent condition
  • Acquiring a liquor license
  • Building more than 30′ of bar space

Now that we have more than 85% of our games accounted for (including titles like  Galaga, Area 51, Off Road, Dr. Mario and four player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) we’re almost booted up and ready for visitors.

We still need to connect water lines to the building, and a few final games are on their way to our location, but opening day isn’t too far away, and your patience and support is appreciated as we launch this entertainment space we’re all going to enjoy.

What to Expect at The Garage 

When we do open, you can expect a large space packed with true, traditional stand-up cabinet games. You can expect a fun, safe atmosphere where you can unwind after work or enjoy a night out on the weekend. 

Most importantly, you can expect an environment that’s welcoming to everyone who’s friendly and loves to play. 

Other Entertainment Near Us 

We were attracted to the East Bank Village because it’s near central South Bend and has a strong existing and expanding night life. The fact is, we’re not the only entertainment location on the block – and we like it that way! Our goal is for patrons of The Garage to take a walk along the East Bank and enjoy restaurants like The Lauber, coffee shops like The General, scenic spots like Howard Park and other bars like Corby’s. 

There’s a lot to do in our neighborhood. Explore it all, and end your tour on some free-to-play arcade games. 

Hours of Operation


4pm-12am Everyday



Is there an age limit?

Yes. Because we are a bar as well as an arcade, you must be at least 21 to enter The Garage; even if you aren’t planning on drinking.

Can I host a work event or birthday party at The Garage?

Absolutely. Email us here.

Are the games really free?

Yes. All we ask is that you purchase a drink or snack.

Where can I park?

The Garage is surrounded by street and city parking.

What are your hours?

4pm-12am Everyday

I don’t drink, can I still come play games?

Yes! We have a no proof drink list and soda options.