Wanna Know Who We Are?

We started in 2019, beta tested with our startup bar and then we leveled up. We thought South Bend deserved a place for the outliers; a place that was as unique as them. With the help of many different artists with various backgrounds, we have created this space to be what it is:

A fun, creative, unexpected little gem in South Bend, but most importantly a safe space as well.



A few years ago, a group of South Bend locals got together to dream up a fun, nostalgic place to drink, play, and be merry.

Months later, one of our founders purchased The Lasalle Body shop, a former auto-body shop located on Colfax in South Bend’s East Bank Village. Renovations on the building began shortly after. Wanting to preserve a sliver of the building’s history, the founders decided to name the place “The Garage.” Massive, glass garage doors were soon installed, and it was time to get our games.

We are now one of the top bars in South Bend and one of the best things to do in South Bend. Nightlife is something many South Benders crave and we saw a need to add more late night entertainment options. An arcade bar seemed to be the perfect fit for us and for South Bend.


We were attracted to the East Bank Village because it’s near central South Bend and has a strong existing and expanding nightlife. The fact is, we’re not the only entertainment location on the block – and we like it that way! We think its cool that patrons of The Garage can take a walk along the East Bank and enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, and scenic spots.

There’s a lot of things to do in South Bend, and the East Bank neighborhood. Explore it all, and end your tour with some free-to-play arcade games.